Letter from DFL Senators to Dayton on Environmental Veto

On May 30, 23 Senators sent Governor Dayton a letter outlining the provisions in H.F. 846 that need to be addressed during the special session.

Signers included:
Senator John Marty
Senator Sandy Pappas
Senator Katie Sieben
Senator Jim Carlson
Senator Bobby Jo Champion
Senator Greg Clausen
Senator Kevin Dahle
Senator Scott Dibble
Senator Kari Dziedzic
Senator Chris Eaton
Senator Melisa Franzen
Senator Jeff Hayden
Senator Foung Hawj
Senator Susan Kent
Senator Ron Latz
Senator Tony Lourey
Senator Roger Reinert
Senator Bev Scalze
Senator Patricia Torres Ray
Senator Chuck Wiger
Senator Melissa Wiklund
Senator Barb Goodwin*
Senator Richard Cohen*
* These names were added since the letter was delivered to Governor Dayton

Read the Letter

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