Senate Floor Vote / May 5, 2015

SF 674: Phase out plastic microbeads that harm water and wildlife

Synthetic microbeads are tiny plastic particles that are increasingly found in our lakes and rivers. They absorb toxins such as dioxins and PCBs. S.F. 674 would phase out the use of plastic microbeads in personal care products.

Plastic microbeads have increasingly been added to personal care products like face scrubs and toothpaste. They are not filtered out in wastewater treatment plants and end up in our lakes and rivers, where they persist and absorb toxins. Because fish mistake them for food, scientists are increasingly concerned that microbeads are introducing toxic chemicals into the food chain.

The Senate bill phases out plastic microbeads and makes sure any synthetic alternatives are safe for our water.

What Would Happen?

Plastic microbeads are phased out.

Plastic microbeads continue to be allowed.

How The Senate Voted

Plastic microbeads are phased out.


How The Senate Voted On This Issue

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