House Floor Vote / May 21, 2016

HF2841: Enact needed updates to MN’s Electronic Recycling Act

Consumer electronics such as TVs, computer equipment, and DVD players contain toxic metals and chemicals. These devices are safe for everyday use, but when thrown away, can release heavy metals and other chemicals into the environment and must be properly handled on disposal.

In 2007, Minnesota’s Electronic Recycling Act created a strong process for recycling e-waste, and since passage, this legislation has resulted in the successful collection of over 275 million pounds of electronic waste. However, since that time, technology has evolved and has led to a need to update the law to account for changes in products and consumer choices.

The bill improves the calculation of the manufacturers’ obligation to recycle, reduces the screen size definitions to account for the increasing use of devices with smaller screens, and requires certification of recyclers in the program. These changes will help ensure that e-waste is both collected and recycled, and that citizens and local governments are not unfairly burdened with the costs.

What Would Happen?

The bill is passed and needed updates to MN’s e-waste law are enacted.

The bill is not passed and MN’s e-waste law is not updated.

How The House Voted

The bill is passed and needed updates to MN’s e-waste law are enacted.


How The House Voted On This Issue

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