House Committee

Commerce and Regulatory Reform

Chair: Joe Hoppe

Vice Chair: Kelly Fenton

Ranking Minority Member: Linda Slocum
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Current Members

Record On Conservation Issues

HF 834: Bill to phase out plastic microbeads in personal care products (March 31, 2015)

Synthetic microbeads are tiny plastic particles that have been added to toothpaste and facial scrubs in recent years. When they are washed down our drains, they are too small to be filtered out by our wastewater treatment facilities. They end… Continue reading

How the Committee Voted

The bill moves on to the House floor.


HF3089: Limit labeling of products as triclosan-free except in certain circumstances (March 19, 2014)

Triclosan contained in soaps and cleaning products ends up in our lakes and rivers.  There is evidence that this chemical is a hormone disrupter, and infectious disease experts are concerned that broad use also increases bacterial resistance making antibiotics less… Continue reading

How the Committee Voted

The bill is passed and can be considered for final passage on the House floor. The House ultimately voted on a stronger bill that bans triclosan from all consumer products beginning in January 2017.


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